Exploring London 

I’ve been doing a lot of walking around and talking about London as a way to get to know  it; it’s obviously different when you move somewhere as opposed to when you visit or travel to work there. As a capital city, London is much photographed and televised and in some ways can seem over familiar, and there have been times when I’ve been walking around areas like Westminster, or Buckingham Palace, when I’ve looked around realised that I actually live here now and I can view these sights anytime. The photo here is late afternoon in Green Park and I’ve been fortunate with the amount of sunshine we’ve had, although as we move towards Autumn I notice the shadows are getting longer.

I’ve found that taking time to walk, and also get slightly lost is helping me to find new places I might not have found, as well as to understand how close some areas are to each other. When you travel on the tube everything seems separate, walking means you link it all together. My flat mate recommends cycling for that very reason and is encouraging me to add it to my 50 for 50 list; that would definitely be something new and to try, so watch this space. 

Also I’ve asked everyone I know where they’d recommend to eat, shop, visit etc and one friend insists when we meet up,  we go somewhere different eveytime, so I’m constantly finding new places. 

All of it is helping London start to feel like home and there have been a couple of things that have really helped the transition. I’ve travelled to work in London for many years, both as an employee and also since I took redundancy and set up working for myself, and therefore getting about and staying here didn’t feel completely strange. It’s also helped that over the years I’ve kept in touch socially with people I worked with and once I completed my Coach training, I joined a coaching networking group, which led me to become part of a different community, both professionally and personally. 

The other and the part I’m most grateful for, is the love and support from my close family who I’m used to seeing on a weekly basis. My daughter and her boyfriend live here as well now, and my nephew and his partner, although realising it would be an adjustment for us all, are totally understanding and accepting of the move and have been visiting as much as possible. In fact I think they’re more excited about London than I am and the plans they make for the weekends they’re here, are full of what they’d like to see and do. 

I always want to be able to feel the same enjoyment about living in London as I do now and I’m hoping that the 50 for 50 idea will help me keep exploring and trying new things

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