This has to be my favourite picture from the Skydive, not only is it a record of it, it’s also a glorious image of Lincolnshire. I’m so pleased I decided to have it videoed and this image, for me sums up the whole occasion. When I look at it I get such a rush of pride in what I achieved, not just the jump, but the fact that I managed to raise over £1000 for Sophie’s Journey. And more importantly, I had such fun doing it.

Despite the fact that this was one of the most scary and nerve-wracking things I’ve ever attempted,  throughout pretty much all of the video and the photos, I’m smiling or laughing!  It was such an exhilarating accomplishment and when I was asked to describe how I felt immediately after landing, my only thought was that it was breathtaking, in so many ways.

It was Einstein who said ” the only source of knowledge is experience” and this experience taught me new things, as well as reaffirmed the stuff I already knew about myself, that will definitely help me when I contemplate scary stuff in future.

One of the main things is not to hang about, in the case of the skydive, you’re not sitting at the open door of the plane for more than a few seconds before you’re out and falling fast. That’s also true when I think back to big decisions I’ve made in the past, and I’m not saying I’d advocate rushing into something without deliberation, however there becomes a point when you are actually overthinking it and you just need to make a decision. When I look back, usually at that point I decide to go for it and I know that I’ve not regretted the stuff I’ve done.

The other great thing I’ve learned is that it can be fun having a go at the scary stuff, maybe not so much in the run up, but definitely during and afterwards. I’e learned that life is a whole lot more fun if you say yes rather than no, and because I enjoyed it so much this time, I’m planning on doing it again later this year, and this time I’ll be looking forward happily rather than nervously!


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