Like most things that you visualise, plan and set dates for, they arrive much sooner than you anticipate and my move to Paris was much the same. I was excited in the spring of this year to get the date in the diary and initially it seemed ages away, then when I started to get ready and organise my life to make it happen, it was already here and I was getting on the Eurostar in London on a warm day in September. The most profound feeling as the train started to pull away was happiness; I’d achieved something by myself that was challenging, actually not a small thing and yet something much desired.

So far its been a wonderful experience, I’ve walked miles, rediscovered places I’d been to before and found new ones, wandered around gardens, exhibitions and museums, met new people, had several dates, taken far too many photographs and most reassuring, managed to carry on working without any problems.

I took this picture last month when Paris was in the sunshine; the exterior of the Louvre and the adjacent gardens have become one of my favourite places to wander and to watch the world go by. There are many more photographs on my Instagram account – please feel free to like and comment!

Until next time – bonne journee!!


2 thoughts on “50 NEW THINGS TO TRY BEFORE I’M 50: NUMBER 3

  1. You look wonderful and happy in this picture Jackie. Well done you for having the courage to step into this adventure. I know it’s coming to
    the end of this particular chapter however I wish you many more in the years to come. Una x


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