It’s hard to believe that this is a year ago but this photograph was taken in Monte Carlo at the Masters tennis tournament, and yesterday Rafa Nadal won this year’s event for the 11th time.

Going to watch a tennis tournament outside of the UK has been on the to do list for a while, and even now I’ve achieved it, it’s taken me a year to write the entry for the 50 things list. I’m learning not to be too hard on myself though when life gets in the way.

Looking back it was a wonderful day, the south of France experiences such beautiful weather that even in April, the temperatures were warm and the sun shone constantly hot, which is a stark contrast to when I attend Wimbledon.

I travelled with my daughter and we had a couple of days in Nice and a couple in Monte Carlo, one of which we spent at the tennis. We were treated to four great matches, saw top 10 players both win and lose, had a fabulous lunch and the sun shone all day. I’d definitely recommend it and next on the list to do, is to watch tennis outside of Europe!


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