Learning to Let Go

We all face letting go. Whether its possessions, relationships, places or even our youth! In this blog post, I want to talk about the different ways to help embrace change and ultimately see letting go as a positive outcome.

Stay connected.
It’s important to focus on the gifts you have in the people around you, the people who love and support you, who bring you great joy and happiness, and who, in times of great change and upheaval are the ones who remain constant and unconditional.

There is no such thing as perfection. It’s an illusion and chasing it can often lead to stalemates, disappointment and the feeling that you have failed. I myself and many of the women I coach, focus too much on that one day when we’ll have the perfect life, the perfect house, the perfect job, or the perfect partner. That belief that life will be so much better takes away from enjoying the journey and realising that life is actually a constant work in progress.

This is a daily habit for me to start each day thinking of three things that I’m grateful for. I’m finding that this simple act is really helping to ground me and keep me focused on the positives in life, instead of being waylaid by any negativity. On busy mornings in the middle of rush hour, it might just be the fact that I’ve managed to get a seat. Usually though, I’m grateful for the people who are in my life and the freedom I have by working for myself and the choices it brings me.

Your values.
One of the most profound areas of exploration with my coaching clients is having the space to connect with their beliefs and values, and what they mean to them. Even when you’re clear on what they are, you may find that when you think about what is present in your life and the goals you are working towards, you may not be honouring all of the ones that you consider essential. For example, when I appreciated how important freedom was to me, I was able to let go of a job that was limiting the level of freedom I knew I needed to feel fulfilled. I was also able to really consider what it was that I wanted.

Perfect timing.
There isn’t ever a perfect time or the perfect situation to pursue what you want. Imagine what you’d be doing if you were living your dream? How would it feel if you were working towards that now? One of the reasons I began doing my “50 things before I’m 50” was so I could explore new stuff and do some of those things I’ve always wanted to do as well as let go of some of what was perhaps holding me back.

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as god a time as any”

Hugh Laurie.

Here’s to letting go of the past and embracing the future.


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