What is really holding you back?

I often get asked by my clients how to overcome those things that are holding them back such a a fear of failure or judgement. Alternatively you may be held back because you’re not feeling particularly positive, you’re lacking in time, money or support or you’re simply procrastinating. Whatever it is there are certain ways you can help and here are my top three.

Don’t compare yourself to others.
It’s easy these days to be sucked into comparing particularly if we spend any time on social media. Everyone seems to be living the perfect life and might be doing the things you want to be doing and looking fabulous while doing it. This can make you feel that you’re not good enough, or that others are smarter, prettier, cleverer. Instead, remember that people only show the best of themselves online – there is a whole other life offline that might not be as glamourous. And make sure to focus on yourself; what you yourself have to offer and what is good in your life? Try to turn envy into action.

Don’t be held back by fear of judgement.
If you think people are judging you based on things like your age or your appearance, then ask yourself, are they the sort of people who you want approval from anyway? Instead, think about what your close friends and loved ones think about you. They will always have your back.

Sometimes we are our own worst critic so make sure your not judging yourself harshly either. Would you say that to your best friend? If not, then don’t say it to yourself as it’s an unhelpful indulgence. When you notice you’re being negative about yourself, immediately think of something positive to say to redress the balance.

Be grateful.
Sometimes when we’re busy comparing and feeling negative, we can forget to stop and think of the things in our life that we do have and that we’re grateful for. I find it can make such a difference as you’ll always find something in every situation and everyday.

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