I am a certified, qualified and experienced Co-Active Nov 2016Leadership and Confidence coach and my approach is to focus on the whole person in a calm & individual way; this helps to create a safe space for clients ghat works at a pace and level that suits them.

I also have a degree in Supportive & Palliative Care, with extensive experience working in the field of palliative & end of life care, both as a clinical healthcare professional as well as an operational and strategic manager leading on national projects and programmes.

Over the years I’ve developed assurance and proficiency in managing, supporting and developing skills and performance within individuals and teams which has included facilitating fundamental clinical and organisational change.

It’s still important to me that I help to improve access and availability of health care services, so I continue to work as an End of Life Care Advisor for independent not for profit & charitable organisations, helping develop and implement supportive services for people with life limiting illnesses.

I have one grown-up daughter and I have recently moved to London after living in Lincoln for over 25 years and my interests include the fact that I’m a total tennis geek, an avid book lover and a British History fanatic.

Who I coach

I specialise in coaching smart, accomplished women who don’t always acknowledge how extraordinary and exceptional they are. Women who are accustomed to having responsibility thrust upon them, who secretly experience self doubt and  often feel guilty and anxious, about taking much needed time out for themselves.

Alternatively women who don’t always believe that they are capable enough and sometimes need a boost of self-confidence to achieve what is easily reachable. Women who are ready to take a step back and look at their lives from new perspectives, to feel more confident and assured in themselves.

Through the addition of my coaching, the women I have worked with have strengthened their resilience to recover from the difficulties and obstacles that life can throw at us all. That may be related to work and business, such as a working towards a promotion, a change in career, leadership and mangement of teams or redundancy. It could also have a personal focus and I’ve worked with women dealing with divorce and a new start, raising children or the loss of a loved one.