Ghosting – a bit of a surprise entry on the list and it certainly wasn’t a consideration last year when I started thinking about what I’d include, to be honest, it’s hardly likely to make anyone’s list. However, it’s a new experience I’ve been exposed to in the last week and although it’s not … Continue reading 50 NEW THINGS TO TRY BEFORE I’M 50: NUMBER 4

Getting Started

I've been planning to write a blog for ages and I've found that getting started is actually the hardest part. I've had ideas of what I want it to be about, how I want it to look, how I want to be be inspiring and well read, I've looked at other blogs to get a feel for what I like and don't like and I've still procrastinated. I think I've been too attached to getting it absolutely perfect, instead of just getting on with it. One of the main intentions is for it to be a place where I can share my reflections and experiences, to step out of my comfort zone and to motivate and inspire others to maybe do the same. I also want it be a personal account of my move to London as a kind of journal that will capture how my life is changing and with this in mind, and through conversations with friends and fellow coaches, I've decided that a large part of this blog will be a record of me breaking away from the familiar and stepping into the unknown. I'll definitely be exploring new opportunities, meeting new people, trying something that may be completely out of my comfort zone, discovering and exploring London and generally having more fun and being more adventurous. For the posts that are about the new things I'm trying, as I’ll be turning 50 in just under 2 years, I’m planning to try 50 new things before I’m 50 so will name and number them whenever they're posted. All suggestions of what to include and attempt are welcome.