What would it be like if you had the confidence to go for the career or business you’ve always yearned for?

You know you really have a lot to offer but you’re not sure you’re on the right career path for you.

You’re not sure you’re using your full potential, you aren’t sure where to start and you’re worried you might waste time making the wrong choice.

You keep pushing yourself and working harder but don’t feel you’re achieving what you want and feel like you’re constantly overlooked.

You are tired but feel guilty when you take time out for yourself.

You keep asking yourself, there must be a way to work this out. YES, there is!

I work with women who feel stuck in their current job or salary, who yearn to do more with their life and career, aren’t sure which way to go or lack the confidence to take the next step. I specialise in coaching women who are looking to discover purpose and direction, whether that’s taking the next step up the professional career ladder, overcoming anxiety in a new role, or simply being able to explore new horizons and fulfil the potential you know you have.

My programmes are for smart, accomplished and ambitious women who don’t always acknowledge how extraordinary and exceptional they are. More often than not, we believe that we aren’t capable of more. We become accustomed to having responsibility thrust upon us, which leads to feelings of self-doubt to be able to succeed in the way we want to.

If you’re wanting to take that next step, then I can help you look at your life and your goals from a new perspective, and work with you to discover your purpose and direction. I will also support you to feel more assured and empowered along the way.

Take a look at my Career Confidence Programmes below and see which one would help you the most:


Personal 121 Coaching Programmes:


Fast Track your Future! Get Clarity. Get Confident. Get to know yourself.

14-week programme

This programme will give you clarity and confidence and help you work out what you really want in your work life, as well as connect with your ambitions. It will give you the insight and self-awareness you need to understand your core values and what motivates you.

It will also help you to start to:

  • Understand what is undermining your self confidence and self belief
  • Break old habits that aren’t working for you and create new ones
  • Discover the purpose and direction you really want in your career
  • Be excited about what you’re learning about yourself
  • Take action and make choices with new insights

Fast Track! Foundation Programme

This Programme is for you if you’ve never had a coach before but have decided you want to invest time in yourself and in an ideal world you’d love to be able to be a VIP client.

The Foundation Program is a 7 month 121 taster Programme with a difference and with all the resources in the Fast Track Programme that you need to build your confidence and inspire and motivate you to take action.

All at an affordable, manageable investment.

Contact me for a free consultation and we can work to re-evaluate your goals, discover your purpose and get you feeling like you’re in control of your career.


Road-map to your Future! Get Confident. Get Bold. Get moving up a gear!

12-month VIP Programme 

This programme will support you to make a significant career change. Whether you’re going for a promotion, feel undervalued, want to explore other opportunities or looking to make a complete career change, then this programme will give you all you need. Not only will you get the clarity you’re looking for, you’ll also be motivated to take action and start to feel excited about what you do.

When  was the last time you were at your best at work? Life is too short to stay in a job you don’t love. Even if you do want to make a change, how many times have you talked yourself out of applying for a job you want, because you think you might not be good enough.

You know you need help now, before you end up settling for the job you have now rather than knowing you’re on the career path you want to be on.

In this Programme you will get step-by-step support showing how to work out what you want and learn how to build the confidence you feel is lacking, to achieve what you want in your career. It will also give you the guidance you need to explore your own career goals and dreams. It’s full of resources and strategies you need to help you figure out how to be more confident and clear about what you want and you’ll also get the focused direction, support and accountability you need that will to lift you when you’re down and celebrate with you when you succeed.

Contact me for a free consultation and we can work to re-evaluate your goals, discover your purpose and get you feeling like you’re in control of your career.

This programme will support you to create opportunities and take life changing action for yourself and the future you want. You will start to understand anything is possible and be inspired to go for what you want.

You will also:

  • Develop a clear style that will define the future of your career and your personal life
  • Strengthen your resilience to deal with challenges and overcome obstacles
  • Realise you’re more than good enough.

Want to know more about any of these? Get in touch with me to begin your journey to a happier, healthier, more successful you. 

What clients say:

  • “Working with Jackie is rejuvenating, exciting and uplifting. It takes time to break old habits and build new ones but I am enjoying the commitment to the coaching calls and homework actions that help keep me on track.”
    – Kate, Woking
  • “I’ve learned how to remind myself that not only am I good enough, but that I’m good at what I do and that’s keeps my self-doubt in check (there is a lot) and acknowledging to myself when I know I’ve made a positive contribution.”
    – Mandy, London
  • “Jackie helped me feel like everything is possible and I’m just excited to see what else the year will bring.”
    – Diana, London
  • “Having protected time to reflect and focus on me was invaluable. The coaching sessions with Jackie were enjoyable and I liked having someone to provide challenge and support. I learned more about me, like how I like to work and all the skills and experience I have.” – Helen, London