What would it be like if you had the life and job of your dreams?

The Love the Journey programmes are for smart accomplished women who don’t always acknowledge how extraordinary and exceptional they are.

Women who are accustomed to having responsibility thrust upon them, who secretly experience self-doubt and often feel guilty and anxious about taking much needed time out for themselves.

Women who don’t always believe that they are capable of more and sometimes need a boost of self-confidence to achieve what is easily reachable.

Women who are ready to take a step back, look at their lives from new perspectives and to feel more assured in themselves.


Take a look at all three programmes below and see which one would help you the most:

Fast Track your Future! Get Clarity. Get Purpose. Get to know yourself.

12-week programme

This programme will give you clarity and confidence and help you connect with what you want in your life. It will give you the insight and self-awareness you need to discover your purpose and direction in life.

It will also teach you to:

  • Know how to break old habits that aren’t working for you and build new ones
  • Know who you are and be proud of yourself.


Roadmap to your Future! Get Clarity. Get Bold. Move up a Gear

 6-month programme

This programme will give you clarity and confidence and help you connect with what you want in your life. You will learn what your most important values are and where they are present in your personal and work life. Most importantly you will understand how to know where there is alignment or conflict in your life or relationships, how to take action and make choices with make choices with new insights.


The Big Leap! Create Success. Create Freedom. Create the life you love!

12-month programme

This programme will help you to take responsibility for your life and your future, create opportunities for yourself, create your life and live it. You will start to understand anything is possible and inspire yourself to go for what you want.

You will also

  • Develop a clear style that will define the future of your career and your personal life
  • Strengthen your resilience to deal with challenges and overcome obstacles
  • Realise you’re more than good enough and you can have it all


Want to give these a go? Get in touch with me to begin your journey to a happier, healthier, more successful you.